Can You Paint a House When it Rains?

A paint job can really work wonders in giving your home that fresh new look. But let’s face it- it’s no easy job, whether you’re doing it yourself or outsourcing it. There’s so much prep to do and so many things to remember, it can get a bit overwhelming at times.
What’s more, painting during the monsoon can be even more stressful, even if you’re painting indoors and areas where the water from the rains probably won’t be in contact with you.
So does the presence of rains prevent you from painting? Will it actively affect your paint job? Keep reading to find out.

Common Questions While Painting During Monsoon
You might have the following questions in mind if you’re painting indoors or outdoors while it is raining outside.
● Will the rain cause the pain to run?
● Will the paint take longer to dry than normal?
● Will the paint’s color or texture change with the change in climatic conditions?

Indoor & Exterior Painting
Contrary to the popular belief, it is actually okay to paint your house even when it is raining. Painting the interiors in particular, has no reasonable downsides to it, especially if the interior walls are dry when you paint them, and they do not come in contact with the rain water after you paint them. Make sure you take care of open windows, since rain water might still enter and come in contact with the inner walls in the form of light sprinkles.
Painting the exteriors however, is a totally different story. It does come with its share of problems, some of which are outlined below.

Painting the Exteriors: The Downside
There are several downsides to painting the exteriors while it is raining, which is why, most experts strongly recommend against painting the exterior of the house even at the first sight of the clouds.
However, if you reside in a rain prone area, or just want to get the paint job over with during the monsoon in Australia and don’t want to waiting, you can still get it done, but it’ll be a lot more work and effort for you.
Give yourself the time to answer these 3 questions before you decide if it is safe to start painting the exterior of your house.
● Is the surface visibly wet? If not, great.
● When was it last wet? More than 24 hours ago? Great.
● Is the temperature right? Is it too cold? If not, great.
If you answer no to all three of these, you can go ahead and paint the exteriors and you shouldn’t experience any unreasonable issues.

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